What makes us stand out?

We have deep knowledge about food,  global cuisines, and cooking techniques. We know how to turn a great recipe into a successful finished product.
We are not just passionate about food, but about R&D, manufacturing and our customers.
As a smaller company with less of a corporate structure, we can move faster than our competitors and be more responsive to our customers.
Customer Focused
We are all about partnering with our customers to develop a strong relationship that delivers results.


PGI operates a food manufacturing facility that processes an average of 250,000 pounds of food a week.
Our Facility

USDA-FDA inspected, HACCP compliant and SQF Level II certified food manufacturing facility.

High-Quality Food Solutions

With an extensive line of versatile soups, sauces and value-added specialty food items, our foodservice division offers restaurants and grocery stores many delicious ways to please their customers. We provide high-quality and high-margin products to grocery store delis through our soup kettle and sauce-&-toss pasta programs that are fully supported with equipment, promotional materials and personalized service.

Food Safety

Food safety is paramount to PGI. In addition to maintaining our SQF Level II certification, we have been growing our quality control department and are constantly working to ensure the safety of our products, facilities and employees.

Product Development

Let PGI help take your next great recipe idea from the test kitchen to the dinner plate.

We’ve become the go-to product development specialists for numerous nationally-known private label customers. We specialize in soups and sauces, in recent years becoming a resource for international sauces, from Argentina to India to Korea. We focus on bringing products through the development cycle and into production more quickly than the “big guys.”


  • Unmatched customer service and collaboration.
  • Over three decades of product development experience with a creative flair and an openness to new flavors and cooking techniques.
  • Deep culinary expertise across many cuisines around the globe.
  • A track record of successful product development across many segments including foodservice, supermarkets, airlines, mail order and manufacturing.
  • The ability to produce a variety of pouch and cup packed products in a HACCP compliant, regularly inspected, SQF Level II facility.
  • Above all, a dedication to consistent quality and outstanding flavor.

Case Studies

We partnered with a regional prepared foods team of a major grocery chain to develop over 40 varieties of soups for retail cups and hot bars and more than 60 authentic sauces from cuisines across the globe—from Peru to Jamaica, Korea to Mexico, Thailand to Germany, and beyond. Development of these recipes called on PGI’s considerable culinary and manufacturing skills, and our ability to source quality, hard-to-find ingredients.

An established regional supermarket chain asked us to develop a comprehensive soup program on a tight schedule. In a matter of months, we created 32 retail varieties and 37 soups for their hot bars. In addition to recipe development, PGI also developed retail labels and custom signage for stores.

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